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November 19, 2015

Route Leak Mitigation

This initiative aims to simplify the process of BGP configuration and, as a result, avoid route leaks. Route leak is a network anomaly occurring when the route learned from a provider or a peer is announced to another provider or peer. The effect of such issues may vary from increased network delays for the victim (originator of prefix) to DoS for both the victim and the leaker. According to our research, the main reason of these routing issues lies in the mistakes of BGP configuration. Today, a proper announce distribution can be implemented using communities, however their usage remains purely optional. We believe that the mechanism of route leak prevention and detection should become a solid part of BGP routing protocol.
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October 27, 2016

ASN Union

This initiative aims to simplify the process of ASN union. In today’s world there is a number of situations when several ASNs want to operate as one. The main goal of such ASN union is to get benefit from shared connectivity which includes customers, peers and upstream connections. BGP does not provide native support for such ASN unions, so engineers have to develop and support a number of ad-hoc solutions to make such networks operate properly:
  • transmission of local preference values through ASN borders;
  • ad-hoc to support “hot-potato” routing;
  • synchronize communities to avoid route leaks.
We believe that such complexity could be resolved by using BGP Roles and extended BGP Confederations.
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